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Move Feel & Be Well by Integrating Yoga Therapy and Physiotherapy

Move • Feel • Be Well

By blending the science of Physiotherapy with the holistic wisdom of Yoga, you will experience a novel therapeutic approach where the intention is to guide you towards treating and healing yourself with increased awareness of your own movement. You will be engaged and fascinated by the path of your healing when the focus of therapy is broadened to acknowledge how your social, cognitive, emotional, and physical states impact how you move and feel.

Physiotherapy services are covered by most extended health care plans. You will receive a receipt to submit for reimbursement. No doctors referral is required to access physiotherapy. Some extended health plans however may require a doctor’s referral for reimbursement.

About Kirsten

BeWell Physiotherapy is owned by Kirsten Richardson who is a Registered Physiotherapist and a Yoga Therapist. Kirsten has served and assisted people from all walks of life to decrease pain and increase function in her 15 year career as a Physiotherapist. She has worked with people with orthopedic, and neurological impairments from sprained ankles to complete spinal cord injuries. With the addition of Yoga Therapy principles into her practice, she has noticed a dramatic positive response from her clients.

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Our unique approach

What to expect from Physiotherapy at BeWell…

The Yoga-Physiotherapy integrated approach is to guide you towards treating and healing yourself with increased awareness of your own movement.

All sessions are 1 hour and will include movement and conversation.


Getting to know you

You will have the opportunity to share your story and consider what your desired outcomes are. How can the blend of yoga and physiotherapy best support you? How would you like to feel?….What would you like to be able to do? Who would you like to be as a result of this work?


Creating your customized movement program

During each session you will move through a series of exercises. With Kirsten as your guide, you will explore each exercise, moving mindfully, and discussing your experience. This exploration will lead to an understanding of which movements support your desired outcomes – ultimately leading to your customized movement program.


Reflect. Refine. Re-train

In between sessions, you practice your customized movement program and reflect on your experience so you can report back to Kirsten at your next session. With the information you have gathered, Kirsten will support you to refine and re-train your movements, guiding you along your healing path towards your desired outcomes.

Kirsten’s Blog 

You can get a taste of Kirsten’s Physiotherapy-Yoga integrated approach from her Movement Blog where she shares individual exercises and short integrated practices for you to explore.

Take a load off your KNEES!

Do you have creaky knees? Are your knees literally calling out for attention? Creaking, clicking, aching? As we move into spring, it’s like the moisture and bogginess of the season are seeping into your knees! Our knee joints may start to feel rusty or corroded JUST...

Unravel the mystery of your NECK!

Does neck pain interrupt your life? Has your life been derailed by intermittent, or even persistent neck pain? You know, the kind that makes you feel like you are moving like a robot…Some days are better, some are worse... It can all feel like such a mystery! The...

Get to know your body’s language

Are you familiar and comfortable with your body language? Do you even hear any of the messages your body is sending to you? If you’re curious and willing to explore - read on. I’d love to help you tune into your body’s language a little more in this Blog. First off -...

Core and Breath

Do Planks and Sit-ups Strengthen your Deep Core? The answer is……it depends It all depends on your breath. If you are holding your breath by bracing through your abdomen or your ribs while doing these exercises, your deep core will not get stronger. If you practice...

Chronic SI Pain & That Spark of Hope…

One thing I have learned from working with people with chronic pain is that it is very challenging for them to trust their own Bodies. They tell me things like: “my body has let me down”, “I am afraid that if I move too much, or in the wrong way, my body will hurt...

Just one flight of stairs away…

I started working with a new client a couple of weeks ago. She is an artist who had a hip replacement. During our first session together, I was observing her walking through her home using her walker when she paused at the bottom of a flight of stairs and said to me:...

How to Relieve Pain Once and For All – Part 2

In March’s blog I shared the perfect recipe to relieve pain once and for all by getting the most out of your yoga classes. I mentioned how quite often people seek out yoga to help relieve aches and pains they have been experiencing in their body. I also shared the 3...

The Perfect Recipe to Relieve Pain Once and For All

Quite often people seek out yoga to help relieve aches and pains they have been experiencing in their body. Many people tell me that their Doctor or Physiotherapist or Chiropractor recommended they try yoga.   So, they try a class, hopefully enjoy the gentle...

Doing your exercises “the right way” is not the golden ticket

I have been having a fascinating conversation with one of my clients over the last month or so. Cindy is the kind of person who always does her customized movement program exercises. She has put a lot of time and effort into doing the exercises "the right way". During...

Unwind with your Breath

We tend to think that if something is tight, it needs to be stretched in order to unwind the tension. This is not always true. In fact, with some clients I work with, stretching actually increases their sensation of tightness. Said another way - stretching winds them...

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