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Move Feel & Be Well by Integrating Yoga Therapy and Physiotherapy

Move • Feel • Be Well

By blending the science of Physiotherapy with the holistic wisdom of Yoga, you will experience a novel therapeutic approach where the intention is to guide you towards treating and healing yourself with increased awareness of your own movement. You will be engaged and fascinated by the path of your healing when the focus of therapy is broadened to acknowledge how your social, cognitive, emotional, and physical states impact how you move and feel.

Physiotherapy services are covered by most extended health care plans. You will receive a receipt to submit for reimbursement. No doctors referral is required to access physiotherapy. Some extended health plans however may require a doctor’s referral for reimbursement.

About Kirsten

BeWell Physiotherapy is owned by Kirsten Richardson who is a Registered Physiotherapist and a Yoga Therapist. Kirsten has served and assisted people from all walks of life to decrease pain and increase function in her 15 year career as a Physiotherapist. She has worked with people with orthopedic, and neurological impairments from sprained ankles to complete spinal cord injuries. With the addition of Yoga Therapy principles into her practice, she has noticed a dramatic positive response from her clients.

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Our unique approach

What to expect from Physiotherapy at BeWell…

The Yoga-Physiotherapy integrated approach is to guide you towards treating and healing yourself with increased awareness of your own movement.

All sessions are 1 hour and will include movement and conversation.


Getting to know you

You will have the opportunity to share your story and consider what your desired outcomes are. How can the blend of yoga and physiotherapy best support you? How would you like to feel?….What would you like to be able to do? Who would you like to be as a result of this work?


Creating your customized movement program

During each session you will move through a series of exercises. With Kirsten as your guide, you will explore each exercise, moving mindfully, and discussing your experience. This exploration will lead to an understanding of which movements support your desired outcomes – ultimately leading to your customized movement program.


Reflect. Refine. Re-train

In between sessions, you practice your customized movement program and reflect on your experience so you can report back to Kirsten at your next session. With the information you have gathered, Kirsten will support you to refine and re-train your movements, guiding you along your healing path towards your desired outcomes.

Kirsten’s Blog 

You can get a taste of Kirsten’s Physiotherapy-Yoga integrated approach from her Movement Blog where she shares individual exercises and short integrated practices for you to explore.

Unwind with your Breath

We tend to think that if something is tight, it needs to be stretched in order to unwind the tension. This is not always true. In fact, with some clients I work with, stretching actually increases their sensation of tightness. Said another way - stretching winds them...

For the Love of TWISTS

For a long time I had a love-hate relationship with twists. In my Physiotherapy training I interpreted all of the information about twisting the spine as a thing that could cause injury and harm. I also knew that twisting movements felt so so good in my body. I had a...

Connect to your GLUTS: Stand a little taller

This video presents an integrated yoga therapy & physiotherapy movement practice focused on your gluteus maximus. This muscle can be a tricky one to get working for some people. No matter how many gluteus maximus exercises they do, the muscle just doesn't seem to...

Checking in with your shoulders

  Below you will find an integrated yoga therapy & physiotherapy movement practice focused on your shoulders. I chose to focus on shoulders because I heard from a client after she completed the "responsive core" practice from last week. She told me that she...

Feel your Responsive Core

This video is all about feeling your core!  The cool thing about feeling your core is that when your core is more responsive, and you are aware of it, you will feel lighter and more connected! Those are two qualities I think we could all use a bit more of these days...

Exceptional Times: Therapeutic Yoga Practice 1

We find ourselves in exceptional times with social isolation required to help keep our population safe and healthy. Below I share a short movement/yoga practice to help you feel healthy in body and mind. With increased awareness of our own state, we are better...

Blog: Wheel Pose Goals

I have set a goal for 2020. By the end of this year I will be able to move into, hold for 5 breaths, and move out of Wheel Pose with efficiency, while embodying effortless effort 😉 During the coming weeks and months I will use my guiding belief that change (or...

Stop looking for the fix

I stopped searching for a diagnosis and my skill as a Physiotherapist sky-rocketed!   It wasn’t that long ago that I was considering bailing out as a Physiotherapist completely. Each interaction with a patient left me feeling like there needed to be more. I felt...

Unmet expectations can lead to upset….

In our relationships with others I find it to be true that the cause of upset is often unmet expectations AND those expectations likely were not communicated. Over the holidays I experienced a wonderfully good example of this. My 8 year old daughter, Cora, in her...

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