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Blog: Wheel Pose Goals

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Physiotherapy, Yoga

I have set a goal for 2020. By the end of this year I will be able to move into, hold for 5 breaths, and move out of Wheel Pose with efficiency, while embodying effortless effort 😉

During the coming weeks and months I will use my guiding belief that change (or healing) is possible when we listen to the messages our body and mind are sending us. I will use the information I gather from body and mind to create therapeutic movements or exercises that will support my goal of effortless effort in Bridge Pose.

The photo above is my in Wheel pose today – I just took the picture 5 minutes ago! As you can see I have the ability to do the pose….I don’t want to gloss this over….We can be so critical of movement in yoga and in physiotherapy. Sure there are places I can improve (I’ll point them out below) but I am doing things well too:

Things I am doing well in Wheel Pose


  • My hips are moving towards extension
  • I am able to support by body through my arms and feet
  • My shoulders are moving into flexion


Areas I could improve in Wheel Pose


  • Shoulder flexion (with more shoulder flexion I will be able to fully extend my elbows, and keep them pointing forward instead of off to the side)
  • Hip extension (with a few more degrees of extension in my hips, I decrease the demand on my spine)
  • Smooth arc of extension throughout my entire spine (distribute the extension load throughout my spine instead of dumping into low back and neck)


In the video below I demonstrate a therapeutic movement I am using with the intention of increasing my shoulder flexion in order to move in and out of bridge pose efficiently. Give it a try! Any movement is good movement – You don’t have to share the same goal as me for this exercise to be beneficial. Move slowly, stay tuned in to the physical sensations which arise, and enjoy!

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