Does neck pain interrupt your life?

Has your life been derailed by intermittent, or even persistent neck pain?
You know, the kind that makes you feel like you are moving like a robot…
Some days are better, some are worse… It can all feel like such a mystery!

The reason neck pain can be such a mystery is that the cause of neck pain often does not reside in your neck! The first place that can contribute to a stiff and painful neck is your shoulders.

My clients told me that they were tired of having to navigate day to day activities with the uncertainty of how sore their neck was going to be so in January I hosted a wonderful workshop that got down to the bottom of these mysteries surrounding neck pain.

Here is a short practice from the lead up to our workshop for you to try called Happy New Year – Happy New Perspective on Neck Pain – Find this workshop, and more in our Movement Experience Lab

Pain in the neck – Part 1

Above, you had the chance to explore how your shoulders may be contributing to your neck pain. You learned how the reason neck pain can feel like such a mystery sometimes is that often, the source of your stiff and sore neck does not even reside in your neck!

In this video below, I share with you Part 2 of New Year, New Perspective on Neck Pain. In this practice we explore the second place that may be contributing to the mystery of your neck pain………Your Pelvis.

Pain in the neck – Part 2

If you’d like to explore with more direction and depth to solve the mystery of your neck pain, consider joining me for some yoga classes in the Movement Experience Lab. I teach 2 live Zoom classes per week and we are focused on unraveling the mystery of neck pain for the month of January. Once you join, you’ll have access to all of the Neck pain class recordings, and you will be able to join the live classes as well as accessing previous collections focused on different problem areas!

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