A Two Hour, Immersive, and Interactive
Movement Experience Lab Workshop

May 10, 2024 - 10am eastern Time

Do you have creaky knees?

Are your knees literally calling out for attention? Creaking, clicking, aching?

As we move into spring, it’s like the moisture and bogginess of the season are seeping into your knees!

Our knee joints may start to feel rusty or corroded JUST when it’s time to return to outdoor pursuits.

Your knees creak and groan as you kneel down to clean out the garden beds. 

There’s an achiness as you return to walking and hiking.

What Gives??!!

Many people are often told that they need to strengthen their knees in order to feel less pain.

You start doing squats and lunges along with knee flexion and extension exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee – the hamstrings and quadriceps. Despite all of this effort, the pain and groaning remains the same.

Sometimes clients tell me that their pain actually gets worse when they try to strengthen!

You don’t actually need to build strength to quiet your knees.

Quiet the noise…

Focusing on your hips, ankles, and feet will


In this workshop Kirsten will guide you through a series of movements and discussions around what is causing your knee pain, what can help, and what can hinder. We’ll explore distributing the load throughout your lower body by focusing on your hips, ankles, and feet. The goal is to help you relieve the creaking and aching in your knees through movement and conversation.

What’s Included:

2 Hour Interactive and Immersive online Workshop with Kirsten

Helpful worksheet to download and follow along with!

FREE 2 Week trial of the Movement Experience Lab's online yoga classes with Kirsten!

Check in with Kirsten 1 week later for a 1-hr Follow Up Session

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Imagine the feeling of ease and support

when you’ve taken the load off your knees!

Get back out gardening, cycling, hiking, walking, and doing ALL of the things.

Take a load off your knees…

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