A Two Hour, Immersive, and Interactive
Movement Experience Lab Workshop

January 19 2024 - 10am eastern Time

Does neck pain interrupt your life?

Has your life been derailed by intermittent, or even persistent neck pain? 

You know, the kind that makes you feel like you are moving like a robot… 

Some days are better, some are worse.

It can all feel like such a mystery… 

Some days just the thought of lifting your head off your pillow causes pain to shoot up into your jaw, or down into your shoulders. 

If you’re tired of having to navigate day to day activities with the uncertainty of how sore your neck is going to be, 

This is the opportunity for you to unravel the mystery of your neck pain and gain understanding for lasting results. 

Unravel the mystery…

The reason your neck pain is a mystery is that you’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

In this workshop Kirsten will guide you into getting to know the source of the pain, how to identify it, and what to do about it.

When you leave the workshop you will have a new understanding of what contributes to your neck pain. You’ll have a step by step plan on how to improve your pain AND you will receive 2 weeks FREE access to the Movement Experience Lab where you can continue your work with Kirsten!

What’s Included:

2 Hour Interactive and Immersive online Workshop with Kirsten

Helpful worksheet to download and follow along with!

FREE 2 Week trial of the Movement Experience Lab's online yoga classes with Kirsten!

Check in with Kirsten 1 week later for a 1-hr Follow Up Session

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January 19 – Workshop
January 26 – Free Follow Up

Continue the momentum in your FREE 2 week trial of our online yoga program: Movement Experience Lab!

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Both the workshop and the follow up session will be recorded.

The recordings will be available to you any time after the session dates!

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Gone are the days of having neck pain interrupting your life!

Break free of your robotic movements as you unravel the mystery behind your neck pain!

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of navigating daily activities with neck pain.

Unravel the mystery…

Space is limited in order to give you the best interactive experience with Kirsten!

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Only $45 CAD + HST

January 19th

10am ET

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Janaury 26th

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2 Weeks

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