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Reclaim your strength and your freedom! Yoga classes with BeWell teach you how moving mindfully is the key to building strength and flexibility for your body and your mind.

Class Descriptions

Restorative Yoga

With Kim Atkinson

Mondays | 9-10am

Rest deeply and completely in this class intended to develop and nurture your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Guide your whole system into health and healing with slow movements, supportive props, and nurturing breaths that turn on your calm.

Slow Flow

With Kim Atkinson

Tuesdays | 5-6pm

Experience the power of slowing down. In this slower paced, flow class you will build strength and balance with ease using a combination of breath work, postures, and deep fascial release.

Gentle Yoga

With Debbie Dawkins

Wednesdays | 10-11am

Designed to move through classic, simple yoga postures in a mindful and alignment-based style. A softer, nurturing, slower-paced practice using easy to access props. Your choice on how you move is always available and adaptations are offered to include and support all bodies.

Good Morning Yoga

With Kirsten Richardson

Thursdays | 6:15-7am

Start your day with a yoga practice intended to spark your curiosity and grow your awareness of your unique mind-body connection. Through yoga poses and functional movements you will build strength, flexibility and ease.

Your Teachers

Kim Atkinson

Kim Atkinson

Yoga Teacher

About ten years ago, Kim had taken on a new and demanding job while going through some significant life changes at the same time. It was at this point in her life that she found Yoga and was amazed at how much yoga helped to ground and relax her.  Kim sees teaching yoga as a way to serve others; wherever they are and whatever they need.  When you join Kim for class you can expect to practice in a safe and enjoyable way while incorporating breath work and mindfulness into your physical practice. Hopefully you will be able to take something from the mat into your day!

Debbie Dawkins

Debbie Dawkins

Yoga Teacher

Debbie began practicing yoga in 1999 to add flexibility and focus to her athletic training programs, and to reduce stress brought on by the type of busy lifestyle that most of us lead. In the evolution of practicing and teaching and participating in life, her focus has changed to a gentler, kinder, functional and therapeutic practice – both personally and in her guidance to others.  In Debbie’s classes students can expect smiles, compassion, fundamentals, alignment tips and possibly a few surprises!

Kirsten Richardson

Kirsten Richardson

Owner / Physiotherapist / Yoga Therapist

Kirsten Richardson is a Registered Physiotherapist and a  Yoga Therapist. Yoga means integration…connection. For Kirsten, teaching yoga provides a space to witness the interconnectedness of human movement, thoughts, and emotions in herself and in her students. Kirsten’s yoga classes will challenge you to slow down and really feel how your body moves. Her understanding of anatomy and her experience as a Physiotherapist really shines through in her teaching as she guides her students into poses and into a new appreciation of the beauty of how each body arrives in the pose.

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