Checking in with your shoulders

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Physiotherapy, Yoga


Below you will find an integrated yoga therapy & physiotherapy movement practice focused on your shoulders.

I chose to focus on shoulders because I heard from a client after she completed the “responsive core” practice from last week. She told me that she noticed a kink in her shoulder felt better following the practice.

Her comment inspired me to share some shoulder movements with you in a way that will demonstrate how where the pain, or the kink in this example, is may not be the problem. The person who inspired this post experienced relief in her shoulder from doing core work!

 A neat side effect is that you’ll get to notice how moving your shoulders in a way that honours the state of your tissues will not only have an impact on your shoulders. You may notice connections to your wrists and hands. You may notice that your neck or hips feel different. Cool eh??

Enjoy the video and let me know how you feel afterwards.

I would love to hear how you are.

All about your shoulders!