Are you familiar and comfortable with your body language? Do you even hear any of the messages your body is sending to you? If you’re curious and willing to explore – read on. I’d love to help you tune into your body’s language a little more in this Blog.

First off – why is it even important for you to know your body language? For one thing, learning to listen to your body is the first step in healing and getting out of pain. It is also an imperative if you want to build strength or flexibility, mobility or stability.

Your body speaks in the language of sensation. Sensations like stretch, tension, ache, open-ness, pain, and lightness are all part of your body’s language. These sensations are messages being sent to you from your body! When you can listen to these messages and get curious about what they might mean, you have taken the first step towards healing and improving physical function.

Let’s break this down a little further….

STEP 1: Where are you feeling sensation?

Close your eyes, take 3 easy, even breaths, and ask yourself “where can I feel sensation”?
Don’t over-think this…..simply listen…..what part of your body is speaking to you?

STEP 2: How would you describe the sensation?

Now that you have felt a sensation and have zeroed in on its location, can you describe it?
Is it hot or cold? Sharp or dull? Steady or intermittent? Does it have a shape? Does it have a colour?

STEP 3: Get to know this sensation

As you move through the rest of this day, continue listening to this part of your body.
Notice when it speaks louder
Notice when it gets quieter
Are there any patterns that come to the surface?

By following these 3 steps, you will begin to learn the language of your body’s sensations. As you become familiar with things that increase and decrease this sensation, you can choose to nurture the direction you would like to move in! As my Yoga Therapy teacher, Susi Hately, says: “your body is your barometer”.

Have fun getting to know your body language language 🙂


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