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For the Love of TWISTS

by | May 1, 2020 | Physiotherapy, Yoga

For a long time I had a love-hate relationship with twists. In my Physiotherapy training I interpreted all of the information about twisting the spine as a thing that could cause injury and harm. I also knew that twisting movements felt so so good in my body. I had a bit of a conflict between my thinking self and my feeling self. With that love-hate perspective, I rarely used twisting with my clients for fear of hurting them!

As I started to incorporate yoga into my physiotherapy practice, I came to realize how valuable and powerful twists can be! Twisting within your body’s capability can provide you with so much awareness about the connection between your ribs and your pelvis. This connection – some would call your core – is the link between your upper and lower body. The pliability and responsiveness of your rib-pelvis connection is crucial for the absorption, and transfer of load throughout your body! 

When your rib-pelvis connection is functioning competently (is pliable and responsive) in twisting movements your hips and shoulders will respond differently!

Enjoy exploring twists in the video.
Three twists to explore.
An opportunity to feel what you feel in your hips and shoulders!

3 Twists to Explore…