I started working with a new client a couple of weeks ago. She is an artist who had a hip replacement. During our first session together, I was observing her walking through her home using her walker when she paused at the bottom of a flight of stairs and said to me: “I’ve got to get up to my studio”. I looked up the stairs and saw a bright space with canvases and color. There was such a lovely vibe coming from that room at the top of the stairs. It was inviting and fun and creative and playful! I thought to myself “no wonder she wants to get up those stairs – There is so much healing potential up there”!

The only thing between her and this beautiful, creative, healing space was one flight of stairs. I knew right away that my job as her Physiotherapist would be to help her build the stability and mobility in her body so that she could climb those stairs with ease once again!

This is so often the case for people with mobility challenges. They are one flight of stairs away from having the freedom to move through their world with ease. Here’s the great thing….often all people need to be able to climb those stairs is a few simple exercises that will build their awareness of the required support!

Knowing this, the client and I got to work and she is well on her way to stepping up those stairs with ease and grace. One exercise that she is doing is called Block & Strap. This is a great exercise to help people build the support around their outer and inner hips so that the legs can lift easily up to the next step. I teach this movement in the video below – enjoy!


I teach this exercise and many others in The Movement Experience Lab. The Lab is a program for people who are looking to build a yoga practice. A practice of integrating mindful movement into their daily life. A practice of noticing that you can move through your days with more ease and less pain.

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