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Quite often people seek out yoga to help relieve aches and pains they have been experiencing in their body. Many people tell me that their Doctor or Physiotherapist or Chiropractor recommended they try yoga.  

So, they try a class, hopefully enjoy the gentle movement and most often leave feeling better than when they first joined in.  But . . . it’s not long after – maybe later that day or the following morning – they notice the pain creeping back in and it soon feels as if they had never gotten any relief.

My passion is teaching people that they definitely have the ability to move with more ease and less pain. So, it is always frustrating to watch people leave a yoga class feeling great, only to return to the next class with the same aches and pains. 

A few years ago, I started to experiment with integrating Physiotherapy and Yoga Therapy as a way to help my clients experience better movement and relief from pain. What I noticed right away was that my 1:1 clients were experiencing faster and more lasting results by integrating the awareness of Yoga into the scientific foundations of Physiotherapy.

I thought it would be fun today to share with you the three keys to what have made this magic recipe of Physio plus Yoga Therapy into a winning solution for my clients.

#1: Getting real about what your starting point is. 

When you are attending a yoga class, you enter the room and move through the very same poses all of the other participants are doing.  This happens without any consideration for your specific needs, there isn’t an opportunity to tailor the experience based on current challenges you are having with pain or movement.

The approach that works well for my clients is incorporating the assessment phases of both physiotherapy and yoga therapy to get in touch with exactly what they are experiencing at the beginning of their healing journey.  You can accomplish the same by doing a body scan and taking note of where there is pain, tightness, or limited mobility.  Keep a journal that you can update and watch for improvements or continued problems.  This process may seem like an extra step, but you need to believe me when I say it can make an enormous difference in finding lasting relief to what ails you.

#2: Move mindfully

Now that you are clear about where you are starting, you have the opportunity to get so much more out of your yoga class! Here’s how…..As you move through your yoga class, see if you can slow down, so you can acknowledge any sensations that come up.  Stay connected to your body so that you are noticing the impact of your movements on the change you are experiencing in your pain level.  Make small adjustments – and again, mindfully check in with how your body is reacting to your movement.  Quite often when people are in yoga classes, their minds “check out” and they are mimicking the movements they see the instructor demonstrating.  Stay connected to what your body is experiencing and you will see better results!

#3. Acknowledging the results you achieve. 

We have become a fast moving society. Filling up our to-do lists and checking off completed items.  Don’t let your yoga practice fall into this category. Stay mindful through the process of acknowledging the results you are achieving.  Use your journal to take note of how you are feeling and make a practice of giving thanks to your body, the vessel that moves you through your life, for the beautiful way that it responds to this ritual you are creating.

 I am always blown away by the dramatic positive response my 1:1 clients experience as we integrate these two powerful healing modalities using the keys to success I mentioned above.

This is what inspired me to write this blog.  I wanted to share  this information with you so you can integrate this into your practice. 

And it also got me thinking……I wonder if integrating some Physiotherapy into a group Yoga class would provide students with great results too? And with that thought, The Movement Experience Lab was born! 

This is a yoga class experience I have been dreaming about offering in a small group setting that simulates the comprehensive experience my 1:1 clients enjoy. It is almost ready! Here is a sneak peak…..

  1. Members learn how to create their customized movement plan based on their specific needs.
  2. They experience the integration of physio and yoga therapy in a small group class with oversight by me.
  3. Finally, they are given access to class recordings to explore between sessions to keep the momentum going.

With this gentle infusion of Physiotherapy inspired assessment and progression, Yoga students will have the opportunity to feel their healing momentum grow! 

Why stay on the roller coaster ride of yoga highs and crashes? 

The Lab was developed for people looking for more than just a drop-in yoga class. It is a program for people who are looking to build a yoga practice. A practice of integrating mindful movement into their daily life. A practice of noticing that you can move through your days with more ease and less pain.

Stay tuned! I’ll be talking more about the Movement Experience Lab in the weeks to come!

Questions? Click here to email us. We are always happy to hear from you.