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In March’s blog I shared the perfect recipe to relieve pain once and for all by getting the most out of your yoga classes. I mentioned how quite often people seek out yoga to help relieve aches and pains they have been experiencing in their body.

I also shared the 3 keys to what have made the magic recipe of Physio plus Yoga Therapy into a winning solution for my clients.

#1: Getting real about what your starting point is. 

#2: Move mindfully

#3: Acknowledging the results you achieve. 

I am always blown away by the dramatic positive response my 1:1 clients experience as we integrate these two powerful healing modalities using the keys to success I mentioned above.

In this month’s blog I thought it would be helpful to share with you a short practice incorporating these 3 keys so you can follow along and integrate them into your practice. 

If you like the feel of this practice, you’ll love The Movement Experience Lab! 

This is a yoga class experience I have been dreaming about offering in a group setting that simulates the comprehensive experience my 1:1 clients enjoy. It is almost ready! Here is a sneak peak…..

  1. Members learn how to create their customized movement plan based on their specific needs.
  2. They experience the integration of physio and yoga therapy in a small group class with oversight by me.
  3. Finally, they are given access to class recordings to explore between sessions to keep the momentum going.

With this gentle infusion of Physiotherapy inspired assessment and progression, Yoga students will have the opportunity to feel their healing momentum grow! 

The Lab was developed for people looking for more than just a drop-in yoga class. It is a program for people who are looking to build a yoga practice. A practice of integrating mindful movement into their daily life. A practice of noticing that you can move through your days with more ease and less pain.

Here is the practice for you to try:

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